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React and Adapt: Why Organizations Need Agile Transformation

Today’s business climate is rife with challenges, among them a rising competition for talent, upended supply chains—and as exemplified during the global pandemic—the need to rapidly shift product design to meet the ever-evolving demands and expectations of customers. Organizations need

Outage Support – Reduce Cost & Time

The power industry is changing. Plants are closing or converting to natural gas. The workforce is aging, creating a gap in resources. We don’t know what the future holds. The good news is Empyrean can support you where you are

50+ Decommissioning Experts – Ready to Work Now!

Decommissioning requires an expertise few have today!

Within the energy industry, many plants are reaching their decommissioning phase, which requires unique skill sets. Bringing on the right experts to support planning and execution is critical. Empyrean offers technical and management consulting experts to support your efforts. Areas

Challenges can be overwhelming…

You are tasked with impossible challenges. Sometimes regulatory agencies are breathing down your neck. You are worried about the safety of your employees and the community. Your company has to make more money to keep your job. There’s no question

The Hidden Profit of Supplier Diversity

I’ve always been a supporter of equality on all fronts. Working for a woman and minority-owned business, though, has allowed me to dig a bit more into the implicit biases and reasons for companies to have supplier diversity programs. As

Design Engineering Work Management Tool

It’s been tried before, but hasn’t quite hit the mark. You’ve probably built your own workarounds to make the process more efficient. The suppliers charge too much money and want ongoing maintenance fees. The industry has struggled with how to

Thought Leader Network Invitation

What makes a great thought leader?  Someone with ideas, a passion for progress and improvement, and the willingness to share. You are cordially invited to join the “Empyrean Thought Leaders” network, which we are just now launching. The goal is