Project Portfolio

(Projects shown below illustrate a small representation of past engagements)

Client: Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning
  • ISFSI project management and oversight
  • Decommissioning Agent Organization staffing
  • Project Controls support
  • Licensing review consulting
  • Regulatory commitment reduction
  • Records Management work scope
Client: International Nuclear Plant
Client experienced significant equipment failures resulting in lost production and reliability issues.
  • Empyrean conducted an independent assessment of maintenance strategies
  • Developed cost analysis, asset management strategy and additional recommendations
  • Empyrean, based on project performance, was awarded additional consulting work
Client: National Fossil Energy Generation Provider
  • Empyrean provides resources for fleet maintenance across the US
  • Key focus on Spring and Fall outage work, offering contract support, reducing costs and improving outcomes
  • Support long-term project work via staff augmentation and payrolling
Client: Engineering and Construction Company
  • Outage and maintenance support at key clients
  • Proposal support
  • Project management support
  • Program oversight for major client
Client: Municipal Power Authority
  • Engineering Work Management Tool
  • Developed system specific to client based on P6 scheduling tool
  • Incorporated People, Process and Technology
  • Introduced KPI's to significantly improve budget and time adherence across team
  • Enhanced working relationship between team members and systems
  • Developed work process documents to ensure sustainability
Client: Aeronautical Firm
  • Supporting all facets of client’s talent needs
  • Engineers, planners, quality specialists, materials management
  • Contract / project-based and permanent hires
  • Recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding and performance management support
Client: DOE
  • Phase I Maintenance Evaluation Strategy
  • Low Voltage emphasis
  • Focused on reducing downtime and overall maintenance costs
  • Client indicated most thorough and valuable report they’ve seen
Client: Nuclear Power Plant
  • Fully developed the EC MELLLA+ and DSS-CD implementation
  • Provided engineering and licensing services to assist in the M+ CAP NPSH resolution
  • Established the Analytical Limit and the estimated operating limits for the MELLA+ Enhanced Options III flow-biased trip and rod blocks, and mapped the exclusion region output to the Power/Flow map
  • Performed a design verification of a separate EO-III PRNMS setpoint calculation
Client: Nuclear Power Plant
  • New construction support
  • Supplier compliance services
  • Construction vendor oversight
  • ITAAC and Licensing support
  • Materials management
  • Employee Concerns Program
  • Fire protection
Client: Nuclear Power Plant
  • Performed independent assessment of QA Program, focusing on:
    • Organization, design and document control
    • Purchased material, equipment and services
    • Inspection, Test Control and Equipment
    • Handling, storage and shipping
    • Nonconforming items
    • Correction Action Program
    • QA Records, audits, provisions for change
  • Contributed to overall QA Program Improvement