Empyrean’s Williams to be Named to FOF Board of Directors

Darrell Williams, Manager-Business Development for The Empyrean Group, has been elected to the FOF Golf Association’s Board of Directors.

The FOF Golf Association has been working for over fifty years to provide social opportunities for the regional Power and Industrial Owners, Contractors, Engineers, Vendor and Suppliers.  The organization has made significant charitable contributions to many worthy groups as a result of promoting attendance to our annual Golf Outing, Sporting Clay Shoot, and Dinner Dance.

“It is an absolute honor to be offered the opportunity to serve in this prestigious organization”, Williams notes.  ” At a time when the fossil industry is facing significant challenges both from an economic and philosophic perspective, it is extremely rewarding to serve in a capacity that highlights our ability, as  colleagues, clients, and competitors, to join forces and focus our energies on the common good”.

Williams will be formally inducted at the Annual FOF meeting on February 15th, 2020.

The Empyrean Group Attends 41st Annual Energy Generation Conference

Darrell Williams, Manager, Business Development for The Empyrean Group attended the 41st Energy Generation Conference in Bismark, ND.  The Upper Midwest is home to abundant coal and natural gas resources that is fueling our nation, and the world.  The Empyrean Group specializes in supplying experienced and talented energy professionals in support of power generators, utilities, and oil and gas companies nationwide.

Empyrean Donates Holiday Decorations to HEARTH

HEARTH, Pittsburgh has been serving homeless survivors of domestic violence since 1989. This week, Empyrean continued its support of this worthwhile cause by donating bins of holiday decorations to 8 families. On behalf of our employees supporting the energy industry nationwide, great job! Please read HEARTH’s story at: https://www.hearth-bp.org/



The Empyrean Group’s Kubiak Attends 2019 WBEC-East Industry Days in Donora, PA

Mary Kubiak, The Empyrean Group’s Manager of Operations, attended  the 2019 Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC-East) in Donora, PA.  The event seeks to match local businesses with woman-owned small business in an effort to open opportunities between the two.

Outage Support – Reduce Cost & Time

The power industry is changing. Plants are closing or converting to natural gas. The workforce is aging, creating a gap in resources. We don’t know what the future holds.

The good news is Empyrean can support you where you are now. We have teams of technical resources ready to work, with utility outage experience. Free Agent Nation has emerged, creating a workforce that prefers project work with variety and flexibility.

The benefits to utility organizations include a well-staffed, experienced workforce able to support outages and other project work for a fraction of the cost compared to supporting dozens of direct hire employees. Reach out to Empyrean. We take the headaches away and get the job done.

We look forward to serving you!

50+ Decommissioning Experts – Ready to Work Now!

Decommissioning requires an expertise few have today!

Within the energy industry, many plants are reaching their decommissioning phase, which requires unique skill sets. Bringing on the right experts to support planning and execution is critical.

Empyrean offers technical and management consulting experts to support your efforts.

Areas of support and value provided:

  • Consultants from Empyrean provide needed expertise to develop strategy, options and pre-planning support
  • Independent support offers oversight of large contractors and manufacturing representatives
  • With over 50 team members, we can support pre-planning to execution at a fraction of the cost of the big EPC firms.
  • Being a minority-owned small business, we support your company’s and local communities’ supplier diversity effort.

Click here to learn more!

Please let us know how we can support you!

Challenges can be overwhelming…

You are tasked with impossible challenges. Sometimes regulatory agencies are breathing down your neck. You are worried about the safety of your employees and the community. Your company has to make more money to keep your job.

There’s no question our jobs can be stressful. What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed? I call in help. I look for experts that have worked on this challenge before. Sometimes I outsource a challenge that is not part of my team’s core competency.

Empyrean stands ready to assist you with technical challenges, management challenges and many challenges in between. Reach out and call us. We can most likely help you. And you’ll be happy you did.

The Hidden Profit of Supplier Diversity

I’ve always been a supporter of equality on all fronts. Working for a woman and minority-owned business, though, has allowed me to dig a bit more into the implicit biases and reasons for companies to have supplier diversity programs. As it turns out, a diversified supply chain leads to greater profit too!\

Click here to read a fantastic article, which highlights all of the great reasons to have a robust supplier diversity program.
Empyrean has been a thriving business since the early 2000’s. We have two operating companies – Empyrean Services (nuclear focused technical consulting and staffing, small business, minority-owned) and The Empyrean Group (technical consulting and staffing, small business, minority and woman-owned).

What differentiates us? Two things: (1) Our bench of experts (executives, engineers, project managers, etc.) number in the thousands, which has turned into an evolving network of former clients, long-standing employees and really… friends, and (2) Our recruiting team is second-to-none. I am amazed how quickly they can fill vital engineering roles or nuclear oversight professionals for our clients!

We are happy to call you part of our network of friends. Please reach out if you would like to learn more or chat about an upcoming project. Thank you!

www.theempyreangroup.com (Non-nuclear)

www.empyreanonline.com (Nuclear)

Design Engineering Work Management Tool

It’s been tried before, but hasn’t quite hit the mark. You’ve probably built your own workarounds to make the process more efficient. The suppliers charge too much money and want ongoing maintenance fees.

The industry has struggled with how to best plan for both short-term and long-term with existing tools and systems. Pulling data from other databases (sometimes legacy – aka “very old” – databases) is time-consuming and introduces potential errors.

Empyrean is now offering a service to implement the “Design Engineering Work Management Tool,” which offers two key elements – People and Process. The process includes automating the integration of multiple systems (P6, SAP, Maximo, etc.). The people element, though, is what makes the service a success. We ensure buy-in throughout the organization and build the process around the team’s interests and strengths.

We customize the service to include just what each client needs (budget, time and outcomes). The first step is to schedule a webinar to gather information. We will then (1) ensure this tool will get you what you need, and (2) design a proposal to meet those needs.

Reach out today to learn more and schedule the initial free consultation!

Thought Leader Network Invitation

What makes a great thought leader?  Someone with ideas, a passion for progress and improvement, and the willingness to share.

You are cordially invited to join the “Empyrean Thought Leaders” network, which we are just now launching. The goal is to build an active community of experts where we discuss challenges in the energy industry and surface solutions and ideas for improvement.

Click here to check it out and join us!

Thank you for your valuable contributions to the industry.  We at Empyrean value your relationship and hope to talk to you soon in the new year.