To be the leader in providing excellence in consulting services that contribute to the success of our employees, associates and clients.


The company’s mission is to provide excellence in quality and value to its clients. The motto “Energy. Excellence. Empyrean” exemplifies Empyrean’s focus on excellence and the energy we exert on behalf of our clients.


  • Safety: We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers, our employees and our community.
  • Focus on Customers: We build and maintain strong relationships with our customers based on mutual respect, accountability and fairness.
  • Quality: We strive to provide the highest quality services and products by taking ownership of our client’s needs.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We maintain the highest ethical standards with our customers and employees.


  • 2000:  Empyrean Services begins with a vision to provide highly skilled and seasoned engineering, management and technical consulting services to the US Nuclear Industry.
  • 2001:  First government contract
  • 2003:  The Empyrean Group is founded by seasoned utility executives with a vision to provide technical consulting and professional services to the fossil utility industry.
  • 2010:  The Empyrean Group expands into manufacturing markets.
  • 2011:  Empyrean Services secures large contract to support MOX Facility at the Savannah River Site.
  • 2015:  Both operating companies move under one roof, establishing corporate offices in Sewickley, PA.
  • 2016:  Empyrean Services initiates support of the decommissioning of nuclear reactors. Today, Empyrean is a key player in the US Decommissioning Market, serving many facilities in the commercial nuclear sector.
  • 2017:  The Empyrean Group expands into aerospace markets;  Empyrean Services enters the US Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Market.
  • 2018: Empyrean is recognized as a premier provider of technical consulting and professional services under two operating companies. Empyrean Services caters to the Nuclear Industry, primarily in North America, while The Empyrean Group provides services to the fossil and renewable power generation industries, water utility markets, transmission & distribution, manufacturing and aerospace industries.
  • 2019:  Empyrean initiates support of advanced reactors, including the Versatile Test Reactor.
  • 2020: Empyrean Services enters the university research reactor market.  The Empyrean Group expands it’s presence in oil and gas.



Sushil Jain
CEO and President

Client Services

Empyrean Services (Nuclear)

Valerie Reed
Manager, Client Services

The Empyrean Group (Fossil and Alternative/Renewable Energy, Utilities)

Mary Kubiak
Operations Manager

Corporate Communications/Business Development

Darrell Williams
Director of Business Development