Design Engineering Work Management Tool

It’s been tried before, but hasn’t quite hit the mark. You’ve probably built your own workarounds to make the process more efficient. The suppliers charge too much money and want ongoing maintenance fees.

The industry has struggled with how to best plan for both short-term and long-term with existing tools and systems. Pulling data from other databases (sometimes legacy – aka “very old” – databases) is time-consuming and introduces potential errors.

Empyrean is now offering a service to implement the “Design Engineering Work Management Tool,” which offers two key elements – People and Process. The process includes automating the integration of multiple systems (P6, SAP, Maximo, etc.). The people element, though, is what makes the service a success. We ensure buy-in throughout the organization and build the process around the team’s interests and strengths.

We customize the service to include just what each client needs (budget, time and outcomes). The first step is to schedule a webinar to gather information. We will then (1) ensure this tool will get you what you need, and (2) design a proposal to meet those needs.

Reach out today to learn more and schedule the initial free consultation!