A long glowing career is a prerequisite, a long glowing beard is not; for that matter, no beard is required.

Glowbeards™ is a worldwide clearinghouse and internet directory of seasoned, experienced and senior level nuclear industry professionals available to fulfill short term or temporary needs, nationally and internationally, including:

  • Membership in nuclear utility boards of directors
  • Membership in independent advisory groups reporting to CEO/CNO levels
  • Executive level consultation for generation asset divestiture and transition planning
  • Membership in offsite nuclear safety review boards
  • Management assessments, self-assessments and diagnostic assessments
  • Strategic planning for decommissioning

We provide individuals with the following credentials:

  • Vice President, CNO, or higher level position at a nuclear utility
  • Successful track record as plant manager, site director, or engineering manager at a commercial nuclear facility or similar record with a Department of Energy facility
  • Executive level with the NRC, DOE, Nuclear Navy, INPO or state regulatory bodies
  • Members of off-site safety review boards

If you have a long, distinguished career in the nuclear field, and would like to be included in our directory, call us at (412) 528-1588 or Submit your resume online.

If you are a CEO looking for a board member with nuclear expertise, a vice president or CNO looking for off-site review board members or executive management looking for a Glowbeard™ to participate in management assessments, self-assessments, and audits, please call us at (412) 528-1573.